Go Green Initiatives

Go Green Initiatives

The Go Green Drive

Each year, our manufacturing plants are assigned a theme by the organization and an award has been instituted, called Managing Director’s Awards, for best performance on the theme.

For the year 2010-2011, the theme was Go Green with the clear objective of greatly enhancing our efforts on environmental performance.

Tree Plantation Drive

In Dalmiapuram, Tamil Nadu, approximately 14,000 trees have been planted to increase the green cover. We also involved the supply chain in the programme and 265 trees were planted by dealers. 11,000 sq. mtr. area has been converted into a lawn with plants and trees

At Nigohi, 5,000 new plants have been developed in residential and unused areas within the Plant premises. In Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu 40,000 trees have been planted around plant location to maintain ecological balance. In Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh in order to nurture a green belt 25,000 trees were planted to make the plant a green belt development area.

20,000 saplings of Jatropha have been planted in the waste lands of our mines, to be used as feed stock for biodiesel as well as in the kiln as an alternate fuel.

Waste Utilization and Management

In Dalmiapuram as part of Responsible Industrialisation initiative 18.9 metric tons of waste plastics were collected from the residential areas, plant & neighboring villages and used in our Kiln to save a good 56 million kilo calories of energy.

At Nigohi, efforts have been made towards develop A Zero-Waste Society. In this direction, the waste material are segregated & disposed off as per standard norms

In Ariyalur, Value from waste was created by segregating the waste into different forms and recycled into making compost and vermi culture.

Water Conservation Management

At Nigohi, there has been a reduction in the amount of water that was sourced for our plant operations as well as in the release of effluents. Between different plant activities, a total of 1,000 cubic meters per day is saved. Similarly in Dalmiapuram, a rain water harvesting capacity of 20,000 cubic metres has been created in our abandoned mines. This has helped recharge ground water and avoid water inundation.

In Ariyalur, Several streams of water have been connected through a common channel to a pond size of 40,000 cubic metres. This has helped recharge ground water thus improving energy efficiency as well.

The water filtered out of the RO system is recycled and used for watering the plants. Similarly, waste water from boiler is used for running critical plant operations saving precious water and energy otherwise used for bore wells.

A very similar effort in Kadapa resulted in harvesting water of 100,000 cubic metres. As the borewell power is no more used by people for drawing water, this has also resulted in energy saving of 1,000 units of power per day. Besides, the Kadapa plant now only uses waste water from the sewage treatment plant (STP) for cement production process instead of fresh water. This has saved precious water and has resulted in power saving of 250 units per day. We estimate, on a per day basis, we bring down the carbon emission to at least 250 kilogrammes due to the reduced usage of power for drawing water.

Our Initiative

We now only use waste water in our cement production process which saves considerable amounts of fresh water. Usage of Sewage Treatment Plant water has resulted in savings of 250 units of water per day, equivalent to a reduction in CO2 emission of 250 kilogrammes a day. Sustainable Development and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

In the financial year 2010-11, Jawaharpur project of the company was registered as a CDM project.

With this, the company has taken another giant stride towards contributing to climate change mitigation and sustainable development at a global level. Our sugar plant at Ramgarh project is already registered and we expect to get our third sugar plant in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Nigohi, also registered during FY2012. These three projects combined will result in annual reduction of over 100,000 MT of CO2 emissions.

Environmental Monitoring, Training & Awareness

At our Ariyalur plant location, a weather and environment monitoring system has been installed for online weather monitoring which measures temperature, relative humidity,wind direction, wind velocity and rainfall. All our plant locations impart regular training to all employees on environmental aspects.


Go green

From our energy efficiency to our innovative practices and technology, we are dedicated to operating our facilities with the utmost respect for the communities and environment in which we all live and work

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