USPs of Dalmia Cement

USP's of Dalmia Cement

Best in Quality

Less than 1 % magnesia content compared to 6% max limit as per BIS standards Magnesia perclase forms cracks in concrete after lying dormant for 5 years. Concerete made with Dalmia cement has no chance of expansion cracks
Alkali Content- lower than even "Low alkali" cements Alkali sensitive aggregates can cause late concrete expansion in cracks. Dalmia cement gives no chance of cracks as alkali content is very low
Low loss on ignition & insoluble Residue - Only 40% of the Max specified by BIS Lower the loss on ignition & insoluble residue, purer is the cement. Fresh clinker, high quality gypsum and other raw materials enhances the purity of Dalmia cement
Only 1/10th of the Max Chloride content specified by BIS More the chloride, higher the chance of concrete failure & collapse. Dalmia Cement with very low chloride content is the best for reinforced cement concrete structures
High Volume stability; 10 times better than that specified by BIS High volume stability results in low chance of concrete rupturing. Concrete made with Dalmia cement is more stable and will not rupture

Go green

From our energy efficiency to our innovative practices and technology, we are dedicated to operating our facilities with the utmost respect for the communities and environment in which we all live and work

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