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OCL is the flag ship company of ‘Dalmia Group’ of companies, set up and operating from eastern India. The emergence of ‘Dalmia’ group on the industrial scene of India can be traced back to pre-independence era. Prominent among the early entrepreneurs who laid the industrial foundation of India was Dalmia family. Established in 1932 with a sugar factory, the Dalmia group gradually diversified into a broad spectrum of activities and were involved in many pioneering ventures. For reasons of operational efficiency, during fifties the Group split into separate entities.

Against the said background Sjt. Jaidayalji Dalmia, an industrialist of farsighted vision set up a cement plant at Rajgangpur during 1950-51 at the request of Government of Odisha to manufacture super grade cement for use in the construction of the prestigious Hirakud Dam. Orissa cement Ltd was incorporated on 11.10.1949 and its cement plant went on steam during 1952.

OCL commissioned its Refractory plant in the year 1954, which today has grown into one of the largest composite refractory plants in the country. It manufactures Silica, Basic Burnt Magnesia Carbon, Fireclay & High Alumina Bricks, Continuous Casting, Slide Gate Refractories, Castables and Precast blocks Basic, Silica high alumina Ramming Mases/Mortars. OCL's Refractory division is the first Indian refractory manufacturer to have secured the coveted ISO 9001 certification for all its refractory products. Globally OCL is amongst the few select producers of coke oven silica bricks. Over years OCL has collaborated with other world leaders in the respective fields and secured a place of pride for itself.

The company changed its name from Orissa Cement Ltd to OCL India Limited w.e.f. 15.01.1996 to reflect its multifarious activities.

During the year 2002 OCL set up its Sponge Iron unit at Rajgangpur State of Odisha, with an installed capacity of 1, 20,000 MT P.A and later on developed Steel making facility by installing 3 sets of Induction Furnaces each of 250 MT/ day capacity and Steel Billet Casting Machine as a forward integration activity for the Sponge Iron plant & Pig Iron plant.

In the year 2007 the Hon’ble High Courts of Odisha and Guahati have approved the Scheme of Arrangement involving demerger of Steel Undertaking of the Company with OCL Iron and Steel Limited and Real Estate Undertaking of the Company with Landmark Property Development Company Limited (formerly “Konark Minerals Limited) and merger with Dalmia Cement (Meghalaya) Limited.

OCL's Cement Plant is one of the most modern dry process cement plants in India. ‘Konark’ brand cement manufactured by OCL is the market leader in the State of Odisha and has emerged as a brand synonym of premium quality cement. Presently its installed capacity for the factories located at Rajgangpur Cement Works & Kapilas Cement Works is 5.35 Million Tonne per annum.

OCL’s Refractory plant is situated at Rajgangpur with a total installed capacity of 106400 MT per annum to produce the various types of refractories.

Presently the equity shares of the Company having face value of Rs.2/-each are listed on National Stock Exchange Limited and Bombay Stock Exchange Limited.

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