Why Should You Choose Dalmia Supreme Cement?

    Stronger Construction

    Made with fine pozzolanic material for superior strength, Dalmia Supreme Cement is produced using advanced robotic quality control process. The Presence of processed fine fly ash reacts faster with liberated lime in concrete and gives additional strength providing components resulting in stronger concrete construction.

    Faster Setting

    Presence of high-grade clinker & high purity gypsum in Dalmia Supreme Cement helps achieve relatively faster setting in concrete resulting in faster construction.

    Better Workability

    Spherical nature of the processed fly ash in cement reduces the friction of particles movement in concrete there by improving its workability & making concrete denser.

    Resistance to chemical attacks

    Additional CSH gel formation due to reaction between fine flyash & liberated lime fills the connected pores in concrete, thereby reducing the penetration of harmful chemicals from outside and protects the concrete & reinforcement.  

    Superior packaging

    Our tamper-proof packaging doesn’t allow the outside moisture to penetrate into bags and hence keeps the cement safe from any spillage or adulteration

    World’s Greenest Cement

    Being the first cement company to get accreditation from both Green Pro and GRIHA, we also are certified as the world’s greenest cement*. Choosing our cement can help you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute towards a greener, healthier world.

    *Dalmia Supreme Cement is available in the states of – Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal

    Our Range

    psc cement


    Made using blast furnace slag, Dalmia PSC offers lower heat of hydration, improved resistance to chemical attacks & reduced tendency to crack. It is ideal for all kinds of construction exposed to marine environment.

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    ppc cement


    A blended cement with superior quality fly ash, Dalmia PPC comes with better concrete density, improved finishing & higher long term strength gain. It is ideal for general construction & work exposed to aggressive weather conditions.

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    cc cement


    An optimum blend of high reactive silica & slag, Dalmia CC offers better workability & higher long term strength gain. It is ideal for all construction applications.

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    opc cement


    Available in 43 & 53 grade, Dalmia OPC comes with quicker initial setting time & higher early strength. It is ideal for all applications of high strength concrete in high speed and mechanised construction.

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