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    About Dalmia Infra Pro

    With a legacy of more than 80 years, and 13 state-of-art manufacturing plants across India, Dalmia Cement is a leading cement manufacturer in India. Since 1939, Dalmia has been playing an important part in nation building by helping build critical infrastructure, industrial, and residential projects. We offer a wide range of variants which perfectly match our customers’ cement needs.

    Dalmia Infra Pro, designed and marketed especially for use in large projects, is known for its consistency, high strength, and performance. The brand is also available in several specialized cement variants, perfectly suitable for different applications.

    Dalmia Cement has a key focus on sustainability and is certified as the World’s Greenest Cement*, with the lowest carbon footprint in the cement industry globally. To learn more about our sustainability efforts, click here.

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    Cement Variants

    Dalmia InfraPro is available in a wide range of product variants based on project requirements and technical specifications.

    Portland Pozzolona Cement (PPC)

    Unique design and blend (with high strength clinker and superior quality fly ash) makes it suitable for building strong and durable structures. Offers Improved workability, excellent finishing characteristics & long-term strength gain; conforms to IS 1489 (Part I): 2015

    Portland Slag Cement (PSC)

    Manufactured using high-grade portland cement clinker, imported gypsum, and superior GGBS slag sourced from the best steel makers in the country. Offers optimal setting time and fineness, higher workability, and improved resistance to aggressive chemical attacks; conforms to IS 455: 2015. Dalmia Cement is the largest manufacturer of slag based cement in India.

    Composite Cement (CC)

    Optimum blend of highly reactive silica and slag. Controlled particle-size distribution ensures better packing density with minimum voids and maximum compactness. Crack resistant, and continues to gain strength over time; conforms to IS 16415: 2015

    Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

    Available in 43 and 53 grade. Manufactured as per IS 269: 2015. Offers good workability, higher initial strength, high ultimate strength, superior durability, and high M-Sand compatibility.

    Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement (SRPC)

    Widely used in the construction of ports, jetties, power plants and water irrigation projects. Specifically designed to resist sulphate attacks. Ideal for marine structures, sewage treatment plants and sulphate bearing soils; conforms to IS 12330: 1995. Dalmia Cement is India’s largest manufacturer of SRPC.

    Oil Well Cement

    Designed for cementing offshore & onshore wells under high pressure & temperature; Conforms to IS 8229 & API code 32. First oilwell cement in India to receive the prestigious American Petroleum Institute (API) certification.

    Railway Sleeper Cement

    Specially designed for making concrete railway sleepers. High fineness Ordinary Portland cement used to make both pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete structures; Confirms to IS 269:2015.

    Pre-Cast Work

    Dalmia Infra Pro is widely used for various pre-cast applications:

    • Hollow core slabs, column, beams
    • Wall panels
    • Concrete sewerage pipes

    Why Should You Choose Dalmia Infra Pro?

    With a legacy of over 80 years, Dalmia Cement is known for continuous innovation. We are the pioneers in developing various speciality cements and have been the trusted brand used in some of India’s most prestigious infrastructure projects.
    Dalmia Infra Pro cement is made with superior ingredients. Our quality is ensured by a Robotic Quality control process at every stage of manufacturing. That is why, our cement meets the exacting standards for projects of various scales.
    Dalmia Infra pro offers optimal particle-size distribution and consistent quality. This helps make our cement compatible with all types of admixtures used in the industry.
    Dalmia Infra Pro cement offers on-site expert technical support for producing the desired grade of concrete for your project. Our team of technical service experts provide reliable services as per project requirements.
    We understand the value of timely project completion. Our strong in-built processes are designed to ensure that the delivery of cement and services are as per the project requirements.

    Landmark Projects

    Dams & Large Construction
    Hirakud Dam
    Hirakud Dam
    • Hirakud Dam, Odisha
    • Mumbai High - ONGC, Maharashtra
    • Mettur Dam, Tamil Nadu
    • Nuclear Power Corporation, Tamil Nadu
    Roads & Bridges
    Vidya Sagar Setu, West Bengal
    Vidya Sagar Setu, Kolkata
    • Vidya Sagar Setu, West Bengal
    • Mahatma Gandhi Setu Bihar
    • Dhola-Sadiya Bridge, Assam
    • Zuari Bridge, Goa
    Railways & Metros
    Chennai Metro
    Chennai Metro
    • Chennai Metro, Tamil Nadu
    • Kochi Metro, Kerala
    • Lucknow Metro, UP
    • NFR Railway, Manipur
    Industrial Plants
    Daimler Chrysler Plant
    For representation only
    • Tata Steel Kalinganagar, Odisha
    • Daimler Chrysler Plant, Tamil Nadu
    • MRF Tyres Plant, Tamil Nadu
    • Hero Motors, Andhra Pradesh
    Airport and Ports
    Kannur International Airport
    Kannur International Airport, Kerala
    • Military Advance Landing Grounds, Arunachal Pradesh
    • Naval Base Karwar, Karnataka
    • Andaman Airport, Andaman & Nicobar
    • Kannur International Airport, Kerala
    • Pokhra Airport, Nepal
    Public Infrastructure
    Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata
    Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata
    • Science City Kolkata, West Bengal
    • ISRO Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh
    • Salt Lake Stadium, West Bengal
    • AIIMS, Assam
    Commercial & Real Estate
    Lulu Convention Center, Kerala
    Lulu Convention Center, Kerala
    • Ascendas IT park, Karnataka
    • World Trade Center, Tamil Nadu
    • Lulu Convention Center, Kerala

    Technical Support and Services

    ‘Dalmia Infra Pro’ provides technical services to its customers through a team of qualified civil engineers. The company provides support for cement and its varied applications. Customers can utilise the technical services for guidance on mix design, material testing and admixture compatibility.

    Dalmia Cement Research Centre (DCRC) is the first R&D lab for concrete in the country by any cement manufacturing company. It has a strong focus on supporting our customers with technical expertise, enabling them to achieve maximum performance by minimizing waste.


    ‘Dalmia Infra Pro’ is also supplied by road-bulkers. It is of great advantage to consumers requiring large quantities of cement. In India the trend is gradually moving towards the loose supply of cement in bulkers from bagged. The major advantages of bulker supply includes:

    ● No loss of Quality in transit
    ● No handling requirement
    ● Just in time delivery

    Speciality Cements


    Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement

    Dalmia Cement is India’s largest manufacturer of SRPC. It is widely used in the construction of ports, jetties, power plants and water irrigation projects.

    Specifically designed to resist sulphate attacks, makes it ideal for marine structures, sewage treatment plants and sulphate bearing soils. It conforms to IS 12330: 1995.

    railway track

    OPC 53S (Railway Sleeper Cement)

    This cement is specially designed for making concrete railway sleepers. It is a high fineness ordinary Portland cement used to make both pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete structures. Dalmia’s OPC 53S meets all applicable chemical and physical requirement as per the specifications – IS 269:2015.

    railway track
    oil well ointment

    Oil Well Cement

    Oil Well Cement is designed for cementing offshore and onshore wells under high pressure and temperature. It conforms to IS 8229 and API code 32