Together we can create the future through innovation!

Dalmia Cement Future Labs

Dalmia Cement has in place a comprehensive research & innovation roadmap to attain leading edge capabilities by defining its longterm goals. Global industry trends, customer demands, environmental needs are all blended into our comprehensive Innovation
program, monitored by highly qualified staff and driven by most sophisticated equipment & processes.
From our labs to production lines, we are experts in converting innovations into products. Starting with automatic sampling during
each stage of production, to atomic level visualisation, to macro-scale physical property testing, our capabilities are best in class!

Our key focus

Our activities are focussed in forward technologies where CO2 capture is taken into account in the field of Core Research & Innovation. A major area of focus is to further develop composite cements with less clinker – even beyond the limits of today’s existing standards. Here, reduction of the proportion of clinker is the most important tool when it comes to minimising the energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and preserving natural resources.

Our key innovations

The innovation process started at Dalmia Cement several decades ago, even before the country’s independence. Whether it is services, products or processes, innovation has been our core, enabling us to forge close relationships
with partners and customers. Some of our breakthrough innovations include:

oil well ointment

Oil well Cement

Oil Well Cement is designed for cementing offshore and onshore wells under high pressure (around 1300 kg/cm2) and temperature (may be up to 175°C). Its main components are pozzolanic or Portland cement along with organic retarders. It prevents the cement from setting too quickly. It is made under strict quality adherence systems thus it remains on the top list of

Organic Waste Converter (OWC) manufacturing organizations.

Dalmia Oil Well Cement was at the time, the first cement manufacturing company in the country to receive the prestigious American Petroleum Institute (API) certification. We are the largest supplier of Oil Well Cement in the country. We are also the only manufacturer of Oil Well Cement in the North Eastern region of India. Our Oil Well Cement is used by renowned organisations like ONGC and Oil India Ltd for cementing well walls in both on-shore and off-shore oil wells.

railway track

Railway Sleeper Cement

Used in the construction of concrete railway sleepers. It is a specialty cement, manufactured as per specifications originally formulated by the Indian Railways vide their specification No. IRS T-40 for manufacturing concrete sleepers. Its negligible chloride content protects it against corrosion, high fineness enhances workability, and high early strength enables improved mass production cycle of concrete railway sleepers.

railway track

Apart from its main usage in the manufacture of concrete sleepers, it can also be put to use in concrete elements, high rise buildings and marine structures where early strength is required.
Dalmia Cement was the first Indian Company to manufacture this product for Indian Railways.

Air Strip

Air Strip Cement

Airstrip cement is used for paving runways for defence and civil airports where heavy airplanes landed. This cement has high impact and load bearing capacity. Dalmia (Bharat) Cement Ltd. is the leading supplier in India for Air Strip Cement.

Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power Plant Cement

Concrete is an indispensable material for the construction of structures for nuclear power generation, encapsulation of waste materials from nuclear power plants and many other applications. The need to immobilize and dispose of radioactive wastes for extremely long time periods presents additional challenges, requiring cementitious waste form materials capable of resisting the chemical degradation under long-term exposure to gamma and alpha radiation, and binding potentially mobile waste materials. Recent innovation in binder systems other than slag-modified Portland cement systems can deliver protection this kind of structure.

Nuclear Power Plant

Research & Testing

We focus on Customer satisfaction and put efforts to transform their wants into functional features of our products. Following tests are conducted to ensure we deliver over and above our customer’s requirements.

1. Optical Microscope for Microstructure & Morphological
study of raw materials & product.


2. XRD for in-depth information on crystalline compounds &
crystal structure of materials.


3. XRF to determine the elemental composition of materials


4. UV-Visible Spectrophotometer for Estimation of major and
minor constituents of materials


5. Burnability Studies


6. Physical and chemical testing of cement as per IS


7. Concrete mix design facilities including testing of fresh
and hardened concrete.


8. Facilities to study concrete durability.


9. Non-destructive test facilities for assessment of
performance of concrete and concrete structures.

R & D