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dalmia dsp cement


    Dalmia DSP Cement

    Our Success

    An Overview

    Engineered For High Strength Foundation, Column & Slab

    Engineered For High Strength Foundation, Column & Slab

    Crack & Corrosion Resistant–Durable Construction

    Crack & Corrosion Resistant–Durable Construction

    On-Site Expert Supervision

    On-Site Expert Supervision

    Engineered For High Strength Foundation, Column & Slab

    Dalmia DSP offers a unique blend of advantages of high early & long term strength gain, making it most suitable for high strength foundation, column & slab of your home. It helps give your dream home strength & protective ability in the most critical stages of construction.


    Crack & Corrosion Resistant – Durable Construction

    It’s highly engineered product features helps guard your home against cracks & corrosion making it durable for decades to come.


    On –Site Expert Supervision

    Get assured on-site expert supervision for every stage of your construction by Dalmia BUILD ADVISOR – our team of expert civil engineers. A value-added service, at no extra cost, that provides technical assistance to ensure that you use the right construction practices for a strong & durable dream home.

    Expert solutions in dalmia cement
    greenest cements

    Greenest Cement

    Our constant focus on innovation, co-creation & sustainability has helped us become the world’s greenest cement manufacturer*. We take pride in being the first cement company to have the smallest carbon footprint compared to any other cement company in the world.

    greenest cements

    Superior Packaging

    Factory fresh cement in a tamper proof & water resistant packaging to avoid dust, water or any spillage.


    Our Range

    ppc cement


    A blended cement with superior quality fly ash, DSP PPC comes with better concrete density, improved finishing & higher long term strength gain. It is ideal for general construction & work exposed to aggressive weather conditions.

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    psc cement


    Made using blast furnace slag, DSP PSC offers lower heat of hydration and provides improved resistance to chemical attacks & reduced tendency to crack. It is ideal for all kinds of construction exposed to the marine environment.

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    What Goes Into Building Your Home?


    The quality & type of soil must be checked as it defines the type of foundation to be constructed

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    Check the quality of ingredients used for making concrete & masonry which will define strength & durability of your home

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    Look for any unevenness , cracks or leakages which must be highlighted

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      ● Dalmia DSP is offered as PPC and PSC across markets. Please check with your local dealer on availability

      ● Bag shown above is for representative purposes only. Dalmia DSP is offered in LPP bags across the markets.