Dalmia Bharat Foundation in collaboration with NABARD and NAB Foundation promote economic empowerment for women under ‘My Pad My Right’ Project in Kadapa

Kadapa, January 25, 2024: In a significant move to empower women and address menstrual health issue in rural areas, Dalmia Bharat Foundation (DBF) in collaboration with NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) and NAB Foundation has initiated ‘My Pad My Right’ project in Kadapa district. Persistent menstrual health challenges in rural India impact women’s overall well-being and access to essential resources. Addressing this critical issue of women’s hygiene needs during menstruation, the project aims to create a sustainable solution, by ensuring accessibility to high-quality sanitary napkins while enabling women to earn a livelihood. Under DBF’s Gram Parivartan Program, a sanitary napkin manufacturing unit has been established in Chinnakomerla village, Mylavaram Mandal, providing income generating opportunity for a 7-member Self-Help Group (SHG) of women. With a daily production capacity of 1400 pads, the unit has effectively sold 100 packs (each containing 8 pieces) in neighbouring villages since its commencement recently. 

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Mukesh Kumar Sinha, Unit Head, Dalmia Cement Bharat Ltd, Kadapa  stated, “Dalmia Bharat is dedicated to empowering and transforming the lives of rural communities, enabling a sustainable and prosperous future for all. Serving as a driving force for positive change, our focus remains dedicated to uplifting women in these communities. Recognizing the profound link between menstrual hygiene and women’s empowerment, we understand that ensuring access to proper hygiene resources is a crucial step towards promoting dignity, confidence, and equality for women in rural settings. We are grateful to NABARD and NAB Foundation for this successful partnership and hope this initiative will benefit countless women in the region.”

The manufacturing setup, a Semi-Automated Sanitary Pad Making Unit has been supplied by Saral Design, Mumbai, through NAB Foundation, ensuring compliance with IS 5405 standards. The pads labeled ‘My Pad My Right,’ embody an ethical approach, featuring 0% chemical content, 95% biodegradability and a complete commitment to ethical standards. As part of their outreach strategy, the sanitary pads will be available at Dalmia Cement Kadapa plant’s cooperative store, SHG federation and through retail sales to individuals. Furthermore, a strategic presence has been established at a seven-day mela hosted by NABARD in Kadapa, providing a platform to promote the product.

Under the Gram Parivartan Program, Dalmia Bharat Foundation adopts a comprehensive approach to empower farmers, women, and youth by promoting sustainable practices. The program aims to promote economic development in village households and bring about qualitative improvements in the standard of living for marginalised families in a region through various sustainable initiatives under farming, off-farming and skill development initiatives.

About Dalmia Bharat Foundation:

Dalmia Bharat Foundation focuses on building Sustainable Livelihoods and ensure Rural Development in its programme areas. These programmes combine in-depth, long-term plans and strategies along with medium- and short-term initiatives and campaigns. Owing to the great differences across locations, DBF has adopted a flexible, multi-intervention approach that allows programmes and people to grow together and sustain each other. The two focus areas have been derived from the felt needs of the community and issues material to the business. Visit us at Dalmia Bharat Foundation.

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