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    Dalmia Cement and Paytm bring you the fastest and easiest way to collect payments. With Paytm all-in-one QR, you can accept cashless payments from customers. As a Dalmia Cement dealer, you can accept contactless and secure payments using any UPI app, Debit/Credit card, Net banking and Paytm wallet. So, you get to maintain social distance, reduce cash handling and minimize risk of exposure.

    Customers can also easily pay you from home by clicking on Paytm link, after you SMS, WhatsApp or email the link to them.

    Why become a Paytm Merchant?

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    Accept contactless and
    safe payments from customers

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    Receive payments directly
    into your bank account

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    Get All-in-one QR code and accept
    payments from Paytm Wallet,
    any UPI apps and Rupay
    debit cards at 0% fee

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    No sign up cost or annual
    maintenance charges

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    Track all transactions and
    settlements on Paytm for
    Business App

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    Share your Bank A/c and
    Business details to become a
    Paytm Merchant easily

    How To Become A Paytm Merchant?

    1. Share your details on the form above


    2. Download Paytm for business app and sign up with your mobile number


    3. Provide information about your business


    4.. Select bank account for receiving payments


    5. Provide your PAN card to get your All-in-One QR code


    Video Tutorial


    Is there any charge on accepting money from my customers?

    There is 0% fees or zero charge on accepting payments made by customers through UPI, Rupay debit Card. For payments recieved through Paytm Wallet - there are no charges on amount upto ₹20,000 in a month, and 0.84%+GST on payments greater than ₹20,000. You can also accept payments from debit card at 0.4%+ GST and credit card at 1.99%+GST.

    Is there any limit to the amount I can accept through Paytm QR?

    You can accept unlimited payments from UPI and Rupay debit card. You can also accept abcombined amount of Rs.50, 000 in a month from any other sources such as Paytm wallet, net banking, debit and credit card. To increase this limit to Rs.1,00,000 a month, you can upgrade your account by submitting additional documents.

    How can I check if I have successfully received a payment from a customer?

    You will get an app notification and SMS on your mobile for every successful payment. You can also view the received payments in real time on the Paytm for Business app.

    How frequently can I check my payments?

    You can check the details of every transaction any time on the app and can also download daily, weekly and monthly statements.

    How can I check if amount is transferred to my bank account?

    You can see the amount that is credited to your account and other details such as UTR number of the transaction, on the Paytm for Business app under Settlements section. You will also receive an SMS once the amount is transferred to your account.

    How frequently is the amount transferred to my bank account?

    The total payment you have received in one day (24 hours) is transferred to your bank account by the next working day. Moreover, you can manually transfer the amount to your bank account via the business app or select the frequency of the transfer.

    Does Paytm charge a setup or maintenance fee?

    No. There are no one-time or recurring charges for setting up and running your Paytm for Business account.

    What are the documents required to activate my Paytm for Business account?

    You just need your personal or business PAN number and a bank account that is in your name to sign up with Paytm for Business instantly.

    I have a Paytm account. Can I use that to sign up with Paytm for Business?

    Yes. You can use your Paytm registered mobile number and password to register as a merchant with Paytm for Business. You can use the Paytm app to pay bills, buy tickets and everything else as well as collect payments for your business with Paytm.


    By registering on, accessing, browsing, downloading or using the Paytm software/service for any general or specific purpose, the user agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth by Paytm or One97 Communications Limited or whichever other names the entity may be referred to (hereinafter referred to as “Paytm”). The user agrees that, in no event, Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited or any of its affiliate or group companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as “DCBL”) shall be liable to User and/or Paytm or any other party on their/his/her behalf for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive, reliance, or exemplary damages (including but not limited to lost business opportunities lost revenues or loss of anticipated profits or any other pecuniary or non-pecuniary loss or damage of any nature whatsoever) arising out of or relating to use of Paytm platform and/or related services. DCBL’s relationship with the User and/or Paytm will be that of a facilitator only, for providing support for smooth transmission on the Paytm platform/service, on a principal to principal basis and nothing in any event shall be construed to create a partnership, joint venture, principal-agent or employer-employee relationship of DCBL with the User and/or Paytm.

    No endorsement is intended or made of any hypertext link, product, service, or information either by its inclusion or exclusion from this page or site by DCBL. DCBL is not responsible for the content or activities or services herein or any linked sites. Any grievances/queries should be directed to the administrator(s) or customer care of Paytm.

    All critical information & transaction should be independently verified.