Mrs. Anuradha Mookerjee

Independent Director

Ms. Anuradha Mookerjee is an Independent Director with Dalmia Bharat Limited. She has been associated with the company since 2023.

A seasoned bureaucrat with over three decades of experience in Indian Revenue Services, she holds valuable insights into the socio-economic fabric of our nation. As a social anthropologist, she strives to bridge the urban-rural gap in India.

Mrs. Anuradha Mookerjee

During her tenure as Director of Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre, she launched a pioneering sustainability project that uplifted struggling folk artists below the poverty line. She aims to shape the character and development of urban youth—our future leaders—by linking them with rural India and corporate culture.

Ms. Mookerjee is a topper of the 1986 batch of the Indian Revenue Service.

She pursued B.Sc in Botany and M.Sc & M. Phil in Social Anthropology.