How can I build my home sustainably?
How can I build my home sustainably?

How can I build my home sustainably?

Building a home is more than just hiring people and stacking bricks. It is an intricate process which requires a well-conceived plan of action. Construction practices have changed over the years to make sure the buildings are built sustainably- you would want to ensure your dream home can sustain changing weather, rainfall patterns and temperature! Technological innovations, finest quality materials and the contractor and masons’ advanced skills help in achieving this goal. Let’s have a look at a few ways in which home can be built sustainably:

Build your home sustainably

Build your home sustainably

1. Choose Renewable Sources Of Energy

Natural resources are depleting rapidly and that is why it has become a necessity to avoid using non-renewable energy wherever possible. Government bodies globally are pushing for the usage of renewable sources of energy. There are types of energy sources that can be harnessed at home with the right construction and equipment. Two of those installations popular in India are:

Speak to your contractor on how these can be used in your home. While solar panels are usually post construction fitments, rainwater harvesting needs to be ideally planned before construction begins. Both of them can significantly reduce the cost of water and energy usage over time, so it’s a great deal for the environment, and for you!

2. Use Locally Sourced And Recycled Materials

The use of recycled materials in construction is a great step towards sustainability. Recycled materials such as wood, iron grills etc. help in more ways than one. They reduce the costs of construction, reduce the waste in the environment and if they can be locally sourced, it also helps the local community to flourish. Locally sourced materials help in cutting down the transportation expenses as well as reduce the carbon footprint. Ask around for markets near you where old door frames, doors and protective grills are sold, and you might find some great deals!

3. Design Your House As Per The Terrain

The design of the house should be created in such a way that the house is sustainable for the environment and is comfortable for its residents. For example, areas that receive heavy rainfall should have homes built with a slanted roof. This will prevent waterlogging on the roof and rainwater will wash down to the ground easily thus promoting wastewater management. Another way could be to understand the pattern of sunlight in the house, and provide for indirect and direct sunlight in specific areas at different times of the day. Living and working in natural light has tremendous health benefits!

4. Opt For Sustainable Building Materials

When you build up the walls of your dream home, what goes into the creation of those walls is extremely important. While the building material should be advanced and accurate, it should also have a limited carbon footprint. Finalizing a brand of cement isn’t an easy task either. One should opt for the best cement for home construction that is not just good for your home but also good for the environment.

Now the question arises which is the best cement brand in India? Is there a brand that meets all the above-mentioned requirements, is easily available and can be locally sourced without much hassle?

At Dalmia Cement, we have earned the reputation of being the world’s greenest cement. Our philosophy is to consume less to produce more. We create our products using renewable energy where possible with no compromise in quality. As a widely trusted and popular brand amongst contractors, masons and architects, we are often the first choice for customers who want to build their homes sustainably.

If you need help finding a good civil engineer, contractor or architect near you, feel free to contact Dalmia Cement RCF Advisor at 1800 2020 and book an appointment. Our technical services team can introduce you to the best construction professionals near you, who will develop a plan to sustainably build your new home using local materials, and complete a host of services to help build your dream home. Or simply, click here to contact us!

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