Which Is More Expensive Concrete or Cement?
Which Is More Expensive Concrete or Cement?

Which Is More Expensive Concrete or Cement?

In almost everything we do; cost is usually at the forefront of our minds and constructing a house is no different. Given how quickly expenses can escalate, it’s vital to stick to your budget right from the beginning without compromising on your construction quality. As crucial components of the construction process, concrete and cement cost will surely factor into your project. 

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, concrete and cement are not the same things. Cement is an ingredient used to make concrete. While there’s no denying that both cement and concrete play a crucial role in the construction process, they do serve different purposes. In this blog, we will look at their costs and uses. However, before we dive into which is more expensive concrete or cement, let’s first understand what they are and how they differ from each other. 

Understanding the Basics of Cement vs Concrete

Cement is a binding component used to stick or bind different construction materials together. On the other hand, concrete is a durable building material that is actually a mixture of aggregates and cement paste. The aggregates include sand and gravel or crushed stone, and the cement paste comprises water and cement. It gets stronger as it grows older, and cement is the part of concrete that hardens when it reacts with water. 

In short, Cement, when mixed with aggregates and water, forms Concrete!

Cement vs Concrete: Did You Know?

Although cement can be used on its own for construction applications, it is preferably utilised as a key ingredient in concrete. While the adhesive properties of cement make it an ideal binding agent, it is more prone to cracking when used on its own. Therefore, in most cases, cement is used for smaller jobs, such as grouting, masonry, and repairing cracked concrete. In comparison, concrete is generally used in larger applications such as buildings, sidewalks, bridges, and other structures. This is because of its superior characteristics, such as:

Which One Should You Use: Cement vs Concrete

Unless your construction project requires a small quantity of grout-type material for minor works, you will want to use concrete. With concrete, you can ensure a long-lasting, strong, and durable construction for your dream home. You can opt for ready-mix concrete or buy cement and other aggregates to mix your own concrete.

Which One Is More Expensive Concrete or Cement?

Based on what we discussed earlier in this blog, your question can change. When you need concrete, you will need cement, and other aggregates. So, theoretically, concrete is more expensive than cement- because you need things other than cement to make it!

The only cases where you will need only cement per se, is when mortar, stucco, tile grout, and thin-set adhesives, materials other than concrete are used for minor construction purposes.

When mixing your concrete, you will have to buy cement and aggregates separately. However, remember that you must get the mix proportions right to ensure the best quality (workability strength and durability) for the concrete. So, if it sounds like too much work, you can always go for ready mix concrete to make the process easier.

So, it is typically recommended to use ready-mix concrete for larger projects, where the concrete volume is higher. On the other hand, site-mixed concrete is ideal for smaller projects and renovation purposes that require smaller quantities of concrete. However, for site mix concrete stringent quality control practice is required. 

Dalmia Cement: The Choice of Every Home Builder

Now that you know which is more expensive concrete or cement, and their uses, you can make an informed decision for your home construction. If you have decided to go with site-mixed concrete, there are various cement types and grades you can choose from. As a leading manufacturer of green cement in India, Dalmia Cement offers an exclusive range of high-performance Portland, blended, and speciality cement for various construction applications. It provides Dalmia DSP Cement, a specialised product formulated especially for concrete applications that require high strength. With its extensive network of distribution channels, Dalmia ensures on-time delivery. It also extends a complimentary service to its customers, allowing them to consult a Dalmia Cement RCF Advisor who will visit your construction site and suggest the best construction practices and cement according to your needs, location, and budget. If you want to buy cement for your next construction project, call us at 1800 2020 or for more information, visit Dalmia Cement which is a leading manufacturer of green cement in India

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