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Best cement for home
Which cement is best for home?

Which cement is best for home?

You need to know what type of cement you can use for your dream house. While you have many types and brands to choose from, ensuring you find the right one can help improve the strength and beauty of your house for years to come.

Cement is usually available as the following products in India: Portland Slag Cement, Portland Pozzolana Cement, Ordinary Portland Cement. The availability of products in your city/town depends on local material availability, market preferences and overall suitability in construction.

Learn more about the various types of cement, and their usage in various applications below. To get expert guidance, please contact us

Portland Slag Cement
– Ideal in general civil engineering Construction
– Useful in marine structures in coastal locations
– Promises construction durability; protects from harsh environments
– Resistant to chlorides and sulphates

Portland Pozzolana Cement
– Premium product used in residential Construction
– Marked by higher impermeability
– Prevents corrosion in steel bars used in construction

Portland Composite Cement
– Manufactured by blending ground clinker with slag and fly ash
– Reduced clinker factor for enhanced sustainability
– Improved properties owing to pozzolanic and hydraulic reaction of fly ash and slag

OPC 43 & 53 Grade
– These OPC cement grades use advanced CVRM technology
– Denser concrete output
– Deal for high strength and prestressed concrete applications

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