Blueprint for Your House Construction
Why you should have a blueprint for your house construction

Why you should have a blueprint for your house construction

Whoever has constructed their home in life, will tell you how time-consuming and effort-inducing it is. With so many decisions to take right from the beginning, even before the construction begins, things can quickly get overwhelming! If you want to get your house constructed then you must be prepared for a mountain of activities, stages, selections, budgeting, and whatnot. It requires serious dedication and understanding of what you want. It’s your dream home and you certainly have to work towards making it worthy of your time, efforts, and money.

If you are planning to construct a home, chances are you’ve already shortlisted a team of professionals comprising architects, contractors, masons, etc. who will put together everything into place with their expertise and knowledge. Another thing that you must have mapped by now would be estimated budgets for the entire process as well as things like where to buy cement from, online booking of cement, etc. Now, have you sealed a blueprint also? Well, yes, it is crucial to finalize a blueprint even before you begin construction. Wondering why?

First, what is a blueprint? As you may know, a blueprint is a technical design made by the team of architects or civil engineers of what your home is going to look like functionally. The sizes of spaces, technical specifications, number of rooms are all designed on paper or computer first. This guide not only helps the rest of the team to work seamlessly in achieving a well-planned end goal but is also paramount for reference at each step. This blueprint is created as per the owner’s requirements and choices clubbed with the technical expertise of the architects.


Since everyone’s choice and demands are different, no two blueprints are the same and that’s the best way to involve yourself. This allows the expert’s creativity to give your thoughts a well-rounded shape. The design specialists offer a full spectrum wherein everything is customizable. With their assistance and expertise, you are sure to find the right design. Once you are fully satisfied with the design and can visualize your house as per the blueprint that’s when the work should begin.

It is very tempting to not have a blueprint or architect’s plan developed. After all, you know your plot size, know how many rooms and floors you want, and you’ve been to different houses all your life, right?

Consider this: While you know the number and size of rooms, are you considering how light travels through your plot during the day? Do the choices you’ve made without a blueprint tell you how light and air will flow through the house? By ensuring good cross ventilation and enough natural light, you can save lakhs over time on electricity bills.

This blueprint is the base, a guide that forms the foundation for everything to follow suit. Imagine the repercussions if you started constructing without finalizing the blueprint. There would be chaos and disorientation with no one having a clear idea of their next step. It would also lead to constant changes which in turn would be responsible for rising costs, waste of time and efforts and delay in the process. In that situation, you will end up spending a lot more time and money than you had estimated without even being sure of the end result.

A well-planned strategy is surely the best way to avoid confusion and leave a minimum scope of doubt. A blueprint is like a bible that you refer to while constructing your home. All the plumbing pipes maps, electricity wires maps are designed in detail for the team to know exactly what needs to be done and where. An accurate blueprint can also give you a fair idea of how much material is going to be used so that you can plan activities such as online cement purchase, ordering other construction aggregates just in time.

Finalizing a blueprint is as big a task as designing the home itself. After all, you can make as many changes in the blueprint but once the house is constructed, making any changes becomes a humongous task that may not be feasible. So, it is important to be smart and finalize things like the blueprint, or what kind of cement to buy would suit your needs and watch your tensions fly away.

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