PPC Cement
You need to know before buying PPC Cement

You need to know before buying PPC Cement

When you go to buy cement for building your dream home, you face a lot of decisions. Brand, price, cement type, availability, packaging…- the list goes on and on. 

To ensure you can make an informed decision, let’s quickly learn about PPC or Portland Pozzolana Cement. 

What is PPC Cement?

One of the popular varieties of cement available in the Indian market, PPC is a blended cement that contains fly ash apart from clinker and other materials. Fly ash is a by-product formed during the burning of coal at thermal power plants. The usage of fly ash in proper percentages in the cement composition makes PPC a greener alternative among its alternatives. 

What are PPC Cement’s benefits?

PPC is the go-to solution for all slab construction needs. With its advantages outweighing OPC, PPC is the answer to all challenges commonly faced during construction in India. Moreover, since it’s a greener alternative, PPC is the future of construction. Many cement brands in India produce large volumes of PPC, fulfilling all kinds of construction requirements and catering to the extreme weather in different parts of India.

With so many decisions to take, home construction can quickly become stressful. If you are confused about which PPC Cement to buy, you’ve come to the right place- Dalmia produces PPC in both the Dalmia Cement, and Dalmia DSP brands.

Need more information? Dalmia Cement offers Dalmia Build Advisor, through which a qualified technical services executive will help you make better construction decisions. Simply call 1800 2020 or click here for more information.

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