Best Cement for Construction?
How do I choose the best cement for construction?

How do I choose the best cement for construction?

Just like bricks are the building blocks of any home, cement is the bonding agent that puts everything together. Without cement, modern construction is near impossible- certainly you already know that. Different construction jobs require different cement varieties. With a plethora of varieties and cement grades available in the market, it is hard for you to make an informed choice

When constructing your dream home, you should only use the best cement that provides you with the desired results. The following factors are the ones you should consider while looking for the best cement for construction:

Cement Grade

Cement grades describe the compression strength of Ordinary Portland Cement, or OPC. A higher cement grade means higher compression strength and a higher compression strength means the increased ability of the structure to withstand more weight and tackle erosion. OPC is available in three grades- 53 Grade, 43 Grade, and 33 Grade. However, for long-lasting construction, blended cement variants such as Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), Portland Slag Cement (PSC) and/or Composite Cement (CC) should be preferred as they offer increased durability and resistance to various elements affecting construction quality. Good cement manufacturers provide equivalent strength compared to OPC in their blended cement. That said, do not look for grades on blended cement varieties since they operate on different parameters compared to OPC. 

Types of Cement

Cement companies produce different types of cement for different construction jobs. Each variety fulfills a different purpose and can be considered specialized for that particular type of construction. The different types of cement are as follows:

Cement Quality 

In a marketplace where there are so many companies that sell cement, it becomes hard to make the right choice. A good rule of thumb to be sure about the cement quality is to buy from a well-reputed brand. A company with a good reputation in the market along with years of experience often provide the ideal cement products. These brands create products that are in line with their goodwill and often provide top-notch products with good value for money. 


Packaging is also an important part as cement tends to decay in quality if not stored properly. A company that provides good packaging that is moisture-resistant and tamper-proof is the right choice for you. 

Availability and logistics

The last but equally important part in the quest for the best cement is availability and logistics. Cement is not a small or light item that can be carried easily from any distance. Cement delivery to the construction site is an important factor to consider for the consumer. The availability of the required cement at a nearby dealer and its timely delivery ease the construction process as well as helps in cutting down costs. Do find out brands and variants available at your nearest dealer, their price and frequent availability before you choose that brand. 

Selecting the best cement for construction can be a hectic job if you’re not aware of the basics. Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, you can make an informed choice and select what suits best to your needs. However, if you are still not clear, avail the facility of Dalmia Cement RCF Advisor. As the name suggests, experts from the team will guide you to pick the cement best suited for you and will help understand the nitty-gritty of everything about your dream home’s construction. Simply call 1800 2020 or visit our Dalmia Cement Website for more information.

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