What’s the Best time to start construction in India?
What’s the Best time to start construction in India?

What’s the Best time to start construction in India?

A home is more than just a structure made out of brick and mortar. It is the resident’s pride and a haven for the family. However, starting construction or renovating one’s house is a task that requires knowledge, involves thorough research, and is a huge investment.

A multitude of factors come into play while building your home. Here are a few factors that need consideration while constructing homes:

Best time to start construction in India

Best time to start construction in India


Before starting with construction, one must consider the ideal time for it. India is a country with a wide range of weather conditions. With high heat during the summer season, and downpours during the monsoons, extreme temperatures and climatic conditions are a given. A few things to consider related to weather conditions and house construction:

Labour Availability

After you have finalized the contractor, you will need to check if an adequate number of masons etc. are available. They are generally migrants from smaller towns/ villages, and it is important to consider the below factors:

Quality And Price Of Materials

The quality of each raw material, and its availability changes during the course of the year. Weather, construction activities, government orders and permits, they can all change raw material prices significantly. Keep an eye out for such developments, and keep stocking materials when you know of a certain rise in price in the short term.

Best quality cement and other raw materials for strong and sustainable construction are advisable for home construction. Good quality materials with proper construction techniques will increase the service life of the construction and lead to fewer repairs. Dalmia Cement has been one of the pioneers in India in the cement industry. For more than 80 years, we have met the quality standards required for building strong homes that last long.

Besides being the best cement for construction, Dalmia Cement also offers on-site expert supervision at every stage of the journey with Dalmia Build Advisor. Dalmia Build Advisor is a team of expert civil engineers who have comprehensive knowledge about house construction and offer technical assistance to ensure that you use only the right construction practices while building your dream home. If you need help finding a good civil engineer, construction contractor, or architect near you, contact Dalmia Build Advisor at 1800 2020 and book an appointment. Our technical services team can introduce you to the best construction professionals near you, who will advise on the best time to start construction, and complete a host of services to help build your dream home! Or simply, click here to contact us!

If you’d like to buy cement from Dalmia Bharat Limited, visit us at Dalmia Cement.

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