How To Choose A Contractor For Home Construction In India
How to choose a contractor for home construction in India

How to choose a contractor for home construction in India

Constructing a home is a mammoth task requiring extensive research, knowledge, involvement, and investment. While the owner’s decision is paramount, constructing a home is a calculated, well-strategized process backed by years of experience and a team that ensures a seamless flow of work. The architect, contractor, mason, electrician, plumber, interior decorator, are some of the key professionals who work in unison in building your dream home.

Firstly, let us understand why it is important to have a skilful team. A lot of times people consider being an architect and contractor on their own. While there is no rule for this choice to be right or wrong, you need to evaluate if you have the expertise, time, organizational and business skills, and technical knowledge to build your house on your own. If you are sure, then go ahead. If not, then you need to browse and select a talented team who builds your home in the most professional manner possible.

Even in today’s digital age with everything at your fingertips, finding the best contractor for your home, one that suits your requirements, understands your thought process, and imparts a coherent experience can be difficult to find.

It may take some time to finalize the contractor, but it is all worth it. A good contractor knows their work hands-on and is well-versed with the challenges, and most importantly, have the knack to tackle them with ease. Right from helping you choose the best cement brand for concrete applications or plastering to picking the best cement for the construction of your entire house, they know it all.

With so many options, it ultimately becomes confusing to make a choice. So, how do you pick a smart team for your smart home? Let’s find out! Some of the parameters that can keep in mind to shortlist a team are:

1. Check For Their Credentials

Verifying their past performance before having them on-board is probably the first step you should take. A verified professional profile, and positive customer reviews help. Assigning construction to a professional team with verified credentials is the first right step. After all, reputed contractors and architects always provide great results and you can be tension-free during the whole process.

How to choose a contractor for home construction in India

2. Shared Vision Over Price

Having a budget in mind is of course important, but sometimes, it is smart to select a team that resonates with your ideas and thoughts, understands your specifications, and communicates well. If this means spending a bit more, and if you can stretch your budget, then you should surely opt for it.

3. Quality Work Experience

Everyone has a different taste and choice when it comes to getting their house built, but what is important is whether the contractor has a good rapport in the market and has credible work to his/her portfolio. A trustworthy contractor ensures work is carried out in the customer’ interest and leaves minimal scope of doubt and disparity.

4. Know Your Contracts Well

Once you shortlist your contractors based on the above factors, you need to discuss and communicate your apprehensions and needs to them. A legally binding contract that has been well-read, well-written, and well-understood makes working easier. As an owner, you should not shy away from putting across your conditions while at the same time you should understand the team’s terms and conditions thoroughly. In India especially, a simple rate or labour contract is verbally agreed upon, and one often hears of disputes later on. By making a simple contract, you are assured of a clear, agreed upon outcome.

5. Have Ideas But Be Flexible

It’s your house- the more you get involved, the better it is. With the internet by your side, there is no dearth of ideas. You should suggest them to the architect and get them incorporated into the house. However, a lot of times an idea looks good on paper but execution might not be feasible due to various factors. That is when expert advice helps. You should be open to suggestions from the contractor or head mason, and tweak your idea based on that. As far as technical choices are concerned, like picking the best cement for construction, it should be left for the experts to finalize.

If you want to be doubly sure, you can get additional information from your local cement dealer, or connect with a cement company’s technical services team during the civil construction stage. In later stages, representatives from paint, bathroom fittings and other materials’ companies are also there to help you.

Dalmia Cement, for example, offers Dalmia Build Advisor service, where a qualified civil engineer can help resolve most of your queries, offer onsite testing, help with concrete mix and dhalai supervision! All you need to do is call 1800 2020 to book an appointment.

Now that your selection process has been made easier, we hope you’re able to finalize a contractor, architect or head mason who is best suited for you. It’s time to give a perfectly professional spin to your dream home’s construction.

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