Dalmia DSP Cement
Why Dalmia DSP Cement is the best cement for concreting/concrete work?

Why Dalmia DSP Cement is the best cement for concreting/concrete work?

Unless you’ve indulged in cement buying, all types of cement look the same. But, that’s far from the truth. There are many varieties, types and grades of cement and each one is produced specifically for particular regions or requirements. Each cement is differentiated based on its compressive strength, setting time, waterproofing etc. Most likely, cement used in home construction will differ from the one used in heavy-duty construction. Cement used for plastering in home construction may vary from the one used for foundation or slab. Yes, it isn’t as easy as it looks and we’re here to acquaint you to another unique cement produced by Dalmia Cement known as Dalmia DSP Cement. If you’re hearing about it for the first time, let’s take you through its plethora of benefits and what makes it stand out from the rest: 


Engineered For High Strength Foundation, Column & Slab

Dalmia DSP Cement is crafted by grinding superior-strength clinker with high-purity gypsum and silica-rich slag or premium fly-ash – to offer high early and long-term strength gain. It has a unique blend of advantages, such as the high early strength of Ordinary Portland Cement and the sustained long-term strength gain of a blended cement, making it extremely suitable for all high-strength concrete applications. 


Crack & Corrosion Resistant – Durable Construction

The highly engineered particle-size distribution of Dalmia DSP Cement makes the concrete denser and impermeable, as compared to Ordinary Portland Cement. This helps in guarding against impending cracks and water leakage. Additionally, the reduced heat of hydration during setting, diminishes cracks and damages in the concrete. And effective chloride-binding provides better corrosion resistance to the embedded reinforcement in RCC, making it extremely durable for decades to come. 


On-Site Expert Supervision

Get assured on-site expert supervision for every stage of your construction by Dalmia Cement RCF Advisor – our team of expert civil engineers. A value-added service, at no extra cost, that provides technical assistance to ensure that you use the right construction practices for a strong & durable dream home


Greenest Cement

Our constant focus on innovation, co-creation & sustainability has helped us become the world’s greenest cement manufacturer*. We take pride in being the first cement company to have the smallest carbon footprint compared to any other cement company in the world.


Superior Packaging

Our tamper-proof, and water-resistant packaging ensures that the cement stays safe from any spillage or adulteration. 

Dalmia DSP cement is an extraordinary product created in the labs of Dalmia. The product combines the best of both worlds and provides an all-rounder solution to all concrete needs. Be it the very base of your home’s foundation, the pillars that the house will take support from or the slab that covers your head, Dalmia DSP cement can accomplish it all. To get the details of your nearest dealer and expert advice on construction practices by the Dalmia Cement RCF Advisor, you can reach them on their website or their toll-free number 18002020.

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