Cost of Cement Bags in India
How much does a bag of cement cost in India

How much does a bag of cement cost in India

Building your dream home and looking to buy cement? It can get confusing to learn about the different types of cement, and why all of them are priced differently. Let’s quickly learn about the factors affecting the price of cement in your city, and why they cost as much as they do!

Factors affecting cost of cement in India:

Why does a good brand matter when buying cement?

When you purchase cement from a renowned brand, you get assurance on multiple fronts- consistent quality, widespread availability, technical assistance from the brand’s team during construction, and typically, better packaging. All of this results in a great experience during and after construction. As you build a home only once or twice in a lifetime, paying a small premium for buying a reputed brand (such as Dalmia) pays off in the long run!

Which grade of cement should I choose?

Cement is bought according to project requirements, weather conditions, the intended speed of construction, and type of building to be constructed. Historically, most cement sold in the country was the Ordinary Portland Cement (popularly known as OPC). As technology developed, companies started producing different grades of OPC for different uses- Grade 53, Grade 43, and Grade 33. 

These days, there are various types of blended cements available such as Portland Slag Cement (PSC), Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), and Composite Cement (CC) – these usually do not carry a grade on them. For home construction, PPC, PSC and CC cement are great choices, and available at different price points. Check with your contractor and local dealer on the best choices!

How much cartage should I pay for cement delivery?

Transport costs impact cement pricing indirectly. When you buy from a dealer near your construction site, you will end up paying lower logistics charges. When you buy a brand such as Dalmia Cement, you can reach out to any of our 33,000+ dealers and retailers around the country!

Why are cement prices increasing?

Firstly, cement prices don’t only increase, but they do fluctuate from time to time, with demand and supply. Higher demand leads to a higher price and vice versa. For example, construction activity picks up post monsoon, and everyone wants to build their dream home before the festive season. This results in increased demand. Conversely, construction activity is lower during the monsoon period, which mostly results in suppressed prices. 

Which is the best packaging for cement?

Cement comes packed in a number of packaging types- these can include PP, LPP, Paper and BOPP bags- which offer different amounts of moisture protection.

Apart from these, cost of underlying activities such as coal (used in cement manufacturing), cost of transportation, and multiple other factors can lead to change in cement prices. 

To conclude, Cement is like any other commodity in the market. Dalmia Cement’s diverse channels of distribution, technologically advanced manufacturing practices, and goodwill built through providing world-class products over the years in the industry make it the first choice of every home builder. Ready to buy cement online? Visit Us and share your details, and our team will be in touch with you! You can alternatively call us at 1800 2020 to get started.

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