top cement companies in India
Top cement companies in India?

Top cement companies in India?

Cement is the concrete backbone of the development and progress we see around us. When the demand for construction is surging by the day, the number of cement manufacturers is bound to increase as well. Just like any other industry, there is immense competition in the cement industry with each brand claiming to be better than the other. With numerous existing brands, and new players entering the segment, India is the second-largest manufacturer of cement in the world in production as well as consumption. This has ensured India has world class cement products available for consumers both in the residential and commercial construction segments.

While buying cement for construction one must be aware of certain factors. There are six types of cement with specific behaviors and chemical compositions. Type 1 -Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is general purpose cement. Type 1P – Blended Cement (Pozzolana) is mainly used for concreting and plastering. Type 2 cement is used when moderate heat of hydration is required. Type 3 cement is rapid hardening cement. Type 5 cement is high sulphate resisting cement. Class ‘G’ oil well cement is used for the oil and gas industry for high temperature and pressure applications. Based on the requirements, one must browse through the brands and finalize the cement that suits you the best.

Dalmia Cement is one of India’s premier brands, whose availability spans across 22 states and union territories, mainly in East, North East and Southern India, with selective presence in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.
It offers a range of cement variants through the brand portfolio of three marquee brands: Dalmia Cement, Dalmia DSP and Konark Cement. These brands are available as Portland Pozzolana Cement, Portland Slag Cement, Composite Cement, and Ordinary Portland Cement in select markets.

The company is a category leader in super-specialty cements used for oil wells, railway sleepers and air strips. We work with engineers and technocrats around the country to develop a wide variety of customized cement which is manufactured for specific engineering and construction needs.

The company offers technical services which help you build your dream home as per the right technical specifications, in your budget!

If you’d like to buy cement online from Dalmia Bharat Limited, visit our website, Dalmia Cement.

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